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evolve physical therapy & sports rehab


evolve physical therapy

We know that you want to feel stronger, look leaner, and be more confident. We are here to support you. We’ve been at the top of our industry for years and helped thousands of people reach their fitness and performance goals. We can’t wait to help you achieve yours!


  • For baseball & softball players who are in pain and/or suffered an injury and want to get back on the field as quickly and safely as possible.

  • Physical Therapy sessions are provided by board Certified Specialists in Sports Physical Therapy; specially trained in evaluating baseball and softball players.

  • We’ve worked with players of all ages — from little league all the way up to the professional level.

  • Baseball and softball require such unique and stressful movements that typically, run-of-the-mill, generic PT just won’t suffice.

arm care sessions

  • Players NEED to take care of their arm all season long (and, just throwing ice on your arm won’t cut itt… in fact we don’t even used ice!).

  • Sessions are specifically designed to help in-season players keep their arm healthy & throwing at their best all season long.

    • Performed by Board Certified Specialists in Sports PT who have advanced certification working with pitchers.

  • Sessions are approximately 45 minutes and consist of:

    • Arm (and whole body) Medical/Performance Evaluation

    • Manual Therapy

      • Soft tissue, mobility, stretching, etc.

    • Recovery Modalities

      • Marc Pro, Rocktape

    • Education

      • Arm care routine, self-management plan, injury reduction tips, etc.

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